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About the author: Philip Heijmans is an American journalist currently based in Yangon, Myanmar. Philip has spent the past five years photographing and reporting on Southeast Asia after moving from Prague where he worked as a photographer and writer. After a year as business editor with locally-based newspaper The Myanmar Times and two as business editor of Phnom Penh’s leading English-language newspaper, The Cambodia Daily, Philip now freelances both written text and photographs for several international news outlets including The New York Times, BBC, Al Jazeera, DPA, The Bangkok Post, AP, Foreign Policy, The Diplomat and WSJ.

To see the author’s full portfolio, please visit http://heijmansphoto.com.


Philip J. Heijmans
Freelance journalist
Yangon: +95 (0) 997 407 2911
Prague: +42 (0) 720 384 133

PHeijmans13   [at]   Gmail.com