The General Post Office

Built by an established company of traders and agents called Bulloch Brothers & Co, the General Post Office building was originally built by two Scottish brothers James and George Bulloch in 1908 on Strand Road.


Today, the British-colonial era building carries the function of a large newly renovated post office, though much of the original structure remains in place, including large, beautiful imported columns and its red-brick facade. One can see the Italianate-style building with an ornate iron portico, while the side of the building contains additions to the main structure that allow for the more modern stairwell, an elevator, more offices and storage space.

The Bulloch Brothers of Glasgow, who following their successful business in Calcutta, relocated to Rangoon for greener pastures in 1865, traded and supplied rice, particularly to what is now Malaysia, and carried out their business as agents for several large international logistics firms including the U.K.’s British India Steam Navigation Co. and Bibby Line Ltd.

At one time, the pair were the honorary consul for the United States, but their business collapsed in 1933 during the Great Depression and the premises was taken up by the British India Office.